A Letter to His Son

Bazanti has reported: I read a letter written by Imam al-Rida to his son, Imam al-Jawad with the following content:
O Abu-Ja`far! I was informed that they take you out through the small gate which indicates their envy lest you might help people. I ask you through the right I have on you to go and come through the big gate. When you mount, make sure to have Dirhams and Dinars with you. Give away whenever someone asks you for help. Do not give away less than fifty Dinars. Should your aunts ask you for something, do not give away less than twenty five Dinars. I wish that Allah will exalt you. Therefore, give away and be not afraid of indigence.Uyun Akhbar al-Rida: 812, Chapter: 30, H 20. )