A thousand sheep and a thousand Dinars

Abu’l-Hasan Mada’ini reports: Hasan, Husayn and `Abdullah ibn Ja`far—may Allah be pleased with them all—were on pilgrimage to Mecca. Leaving their camel load in a place, they went to an Arab old woman hungry and thirsty. They asked her, “Do you have anything for drink?” She said, “Yes, I do.” She milked her sheep and gave them milk. Again they asked, “Do you have anything to eat?” The old woman said, “I have no food but you can slaughter the sheep and eat it.” So, they slaughtered the sheep and ate of it, saying, “We are from the tribe of Quraysh. When we go back from pilgrimage, come to us. We will treat you nicely.” Then they left. When the old woman’s husband came home, he became angry saying, “You have given the sheep to people you do not know.” After a while, the old woman and her husband came to Medina out of poverty. They had to pick up droppings of camels and sell them to make their ends meet. One day when the old woman was passing through the alley, Hasan who was sitting at the door noticed her and said, “Do you know me?” She said, “No, I do not.” Hasan said, “I am the one whom you hosted.” He then ordered a thousand sheep and a thousand Dinars to be given to her and then he sent her along with his servant to Husayn. “What did my brother give to you?” Husayn asked. She replied, “A thousand sheep and a thousand Dinars.” Husayn gave her the same.” (Kimyaye Sa`adat: 167/2 )