Healing a Leper

Abu Hashim Ja`fari has reported: A man from Samarra' was afflicted with leprosy hence life had become hard for him. One day, he was complaining to Abu-`Ali Fahri of his plight. Abu-`Ali said, “Should you ask Abu’l-Hasan `Ali ibn Muhammad ibn al-Rida to pray for you, your disease will be healed.” One day when the Imam was returning from Mutawakkil’s house, the leper who was sitting on the way rose up to get close to the Imam to ask him to pray for the healing of his disease. The Imam said three times, “Go aside; Allah will restore your good health while pointing to him with his holy hand.” Abu-`Ali Fahri saw the leper who told him about his meeting with the Imam. Abu-`Ali said, “The Imam prayed for you before you asked him to do so. Make sure you will restore your good health soon.” The leper went home. The night passed; and when it dawned there was no sign of leprosy on his body. Al-Khara’ij wa’l-Jara’ih: 399/1, 11)

Reference: Ahlalbayt TheCelestial Beings On The Earth