An Extraordinary Example of Generosity

Mansur Dawaniqi (the `Abbasid ruler) asked Imam al-Kazim (a.s) to attend the Festival of Nowruz (New Day) to receive of the gifts from all walks of life. The Imam answered, “The Nowruz Festival is a tradition for  the Persians.” Mansur said, “I observe this festival as a policy for strengthening ties with the army. I ask you by God to attend this festival.” The commanders of the army came to the Imam, congratulated him on the occasion and presented him with gifts. The servant of Mansur who was standing next to the Imam, counted the gifts one by one. At the end of the festival, an aged man came to the Imam saying, “O Son of daughter of Allah’s Messenger! I am a needy man who cannot present you with a gift. Instead, I have three lines of poem which my grandfather has composed for your grandfather, Husayn ibn `Ali. He thus recited the poem. Imam Musa said, “I accepted your gift. Please sit beside me. May Allah bless you.” Raising his hand towards the servant of Mansur, Imam Musa said, “Go to the Emir, inform him of the gifts and ask what he is going to do with all these gifts.” The servant did the mission, came back and said, “Mansur says: All the gifts belong to you. Do as you wish.” Imam Musa said to the old man, “Take all these gifts which is my grant to you.” Al-Manaqib: 319/4. ) 

Reference: Ahlalbayt TheCelestial Beings On The Earth