Some More Virtues of Ali (as) - 2

An Extraordinary Example of Piety
Imam al-Sadiq has been reported by Mu`awiyah Ibn `Ammar as saying:
If there were two options for `Ali to do something for the sake of Allah, he would choose the harder. O people of Kufah, you all know that when he was ruling in this city, he used his income in Medina for living. He would put the roasted flour he ate in a bag and seal it not be mixed with anything else. Who was more pious than `Ali in the world!

Dry Bread And Sour Yoghurt
`Aqabah ibn `Alqamah is reported by Na¨r ibn Mansur as saying: I went to `Ali’s house in Kufah, finding before him a bowl of sour yoghurt which harmed me as well as several pieces of dry bread. I said, “O Amir al-Mu’minin! Are you eating such a food?” He said, “Allah’s Messenger ate  from bread drier than this.” Referring to his garment, `Ali said, “Allah’s Messenger would wear a garment with a more rough texture. If I do not follow his example, I fear not to join him.”

Self-Sacrifice and Generosity
In the Battle of the Camel, the soldiers who fought along with him were twelve thousand in number. When the fighting came to an end with the defeat of the enemies, Amir al-Mu’minin had the public fund divided with each person having five hundred Dirhams as a share. `Ali took the same amount of dirham for himself. Addressing the public fund, he said,
غُرِّي غَيْرِي.
“Deceive anyone but me.”
After the division of the public fund, a man came about saying, “O Amir al Mu’minin! My heart was with you though I could no take part in the battle. Do me a favor by giving something to me.” The Imam gave his share to him, going back home empty-handed.”

One day, Amir al-Mu’minin was in the gathering of his companions. While a biased man of Kharijites was present, the Imam was admonishing his friends. His heavenly words were so charming which impressed that blind-hearted man but because of his inner enmity to `Ali, he impudently said, “May Allah kill him for his unbelief. How knowledgeable he is!”
Hearing such insolence, the companions of the Imam made an attempt to kill him but Imam `Ali said, “Grant a respite; calm down; either curse against curse or pardon against sin.”

A Model Of Generosity
An indigent man came to Imam `Ali saying, “I am suffering from three diseases: body, poverty, and ignorance.” The Imam said, “O Arab brother! You should see a physician for your physical disease, a wise man for ignorance and a generous person for poverty.” The Arab said, “You are a physician, a wise man, and a generous man at the same time.” Amir al-Mu’minin ordered to give three thousand Dirhams from the public fund, saying, “Spend one thousand Dirhams on your physical disease, one thousand Dirhams on your poverty and one thousand Dirhams on your ignorance.”