Cause and Effect

Ali ibn e Abi Talib (‘a) left his home and, as usual, proceeded towards the jungle. He was familiar with the untrodden paths of the jungle. He was carrying something on his back. On the way, a passerby asked him, ‘Ali, what is that weight you are carrying on your back?’
‘Date-palms, Insha Allah!’ he replied.
‘Date-palms?’ He clearly did not understand what Ali (‘a) meant.
Some years later, he noticed an orchard of date-palms, stand tall and elegant where Ali (‘a) had planted the saplings he had nurtured with his own hands. His amazement, then at Ali’s (‘a) remark, vanished when he saw the full-grown trees with his own eyes.

Reference : Anecdotes of The Ahlul Bayt (Daastaan e Raastaan )  by Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari