Dealing with Unprovoked Annoyance

One day a man came to the Holy Prophet (s) seeking advice on how to deal with his neighbour’s unprovoked annoying behaviour. He (s) said, ‘Be patient and do not raise any hue and cry. Besides, try changing your own attitude towards him.’
A few days later the man returned more exasperated than before. He (s) repeated, ‘Be patient’.
The third time the man came, he was at the end of his rope. He said, ‘I’m sorry, but I can’t take anymore. He is pestering me and my family beyond measure.’
The Holy Prophet (s) then advised him, ‘Today is Friday. Go home and place your household baggage on the main street where people can see it. When they ask you the reason tell them that your neighbour’s behaviour is unbearable. Thus, everyone will learn about your complaint.’
The man followed the Holy Prophet’s (s) advice to the letter. His neighbor was under the impression that he would continue bearing his excesses, not realizing that Islam preaches forbearance to a certain limit. Once that limit is crossed, the oppressor has to face the consequences. Transgressors do not deserve anyone’s respect.
As soon as he learnt that his neighbour had decided to place his excesses into the people’s court, and was apprising them of his behaviour, he got unnerved, and begging forgiveness, requested him to take his baggage back to his house. He promised never to bother him again, and maintain good neighbourly relations with him.