Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil

Hasan ibn Muhammad of Qum has reported: The great persons of Qum told me that Husayn ibn Hasan ibn Ja`far ibn Muhammad ibn Isma`il ibn Ja`far al-Sadiq openly drank wine in the city of Qum. One day I went to the door of Ahmad ibn Ishaq Ash`ari who was the head of charitable bequests in Qum for a need. But he did not give him entry permission. So Husayn ibn Hasan sorrowfully returned home! A few days later, Ahmad ibn Hasan set off for Mecca on Hajj. When he reached Samarra', he was denied permission to see Imam Hasan `Askari! He cried for a long time until the Imam gave him permission to see him. Being received by the  Imam, Ahmad said, “O son of Allah’s Messenger! Why did you deny me permission to see you; while I am Shi`ite and follower of you?” The Imam said, “Because you sent away our cousin from your house!” Ahmad started crying and took an oath that he had done so in order to forbid him from drinking wine. The Imam said, “You are right but you should have honored them because of his relation to us.” When Ahmad returned from Mecca, the dignitaries of Qum came to see him and Husayn too was with them. When Ahmad saw Husayn, he rose up, welcomed and honored him and made him sit in a high place.

Husayn ibn Hasan was surprised by this behavior; so, he asked Ahmad the reason for it. Ahmad ibn Ishaq told him what had happened between Imam Hasan `Askari and him. Hearing this, Husayn ibn Hasan repented his evil deed, returned home, broke all the bottles of wine, became a pious man, and retired to mosque until death took his life and he was buried near the shrine of Fatimah Ma`sumah. Bihar al-Anwar, 323/50, Chapter: 4, H 17.)