Muhammad ibn Talhah has reported: One day, Imam al-Hadi left Samarra' for a village for an important case which had come about. An Arab came to meet him. So, the man was told that the Imam had gone to such and such place. The Arab too went to the village to see him. The Imam asked, “What do you need?” He answered, “I am an Arab from Kufah who believes in the Imamate of your great grandfather, `Ali ibn Abu-Talib. I have a heavy debt which is hard to pay. I find no one but you to pay my debt.” The Imam said, “Be happy.” He received him as a guest, and in the morning said, “I ask you something you should not oppose!” The Arab said, “I will not oppose to what you do.” The Imam wrote a note in his own handwriting admitting that he owed the Arab a certain amount of money which was more than the Arab’s debt. Then the Imam said, “Take this note and bring it to me in Samarra'. There are a group of people beside me. Show this note, speak harshly and demand your money.” The Arab agreed and left the Imam. When the Imam reached Samarra', a group of the companions of the ruler were with him when the Arab arrived, showed the handwriting, demanded the money and spoke as the Imam had advised him. Imam al-Hadi spoke softly to him and promised to pay his dept. The story of Imam al-Hadi and the Arab reached Mutawakkil. He ordered to take thirty thousand Dirhams for Imam al-Hadi. When The Imam received the money, he did not touch it until the Arab came. Then the Imam said, “Take this money, pay your debt, spend the rest for your living expenditures and accept our apology.” The Arab said, “O son of Allah’s Messenger! By Allah! I expected only one third of this money but Allah knows where to place His message He took the money and left for home.” Kashf al-Ghummah: 374/2.)

Reference: Ahlalbayt TheCelestial Beings On The Earth