Giving Away His Shirts

Rayyan ibn Salt has reported: I was at the door of Imam al-Rida’s house in Khorasan. I said to Mu`ammar, “Do you dare to ask my master to give me one of his shirts and the Dirhams which have been minted in his name?”
Mu`ammar reported: I immediately went to the presence of Imam al-Rida but before saying anything the Imam said, “O Mu`ammar! Wouldn’t Rayyan like me to give him one of my shirts and some of the Dirhams I have?” I said, “Glory be to Allah! This is exactly what he said at the door!” The Imam smiled and said, “Successful indeed is the believer. Tell him to come to me.” So we went to the presence of the Imam. I saluted him and he answered my salutation, asked for two of his shirts and gave them to me. When I rose up to leave, he put thirty Dirhams in my hand.  Qurb al-Isnad: 148 )