Helping a Mother!

 It is reported that certain slaves from Bahrain came to the Holy Prophet making a line before him. Among them, there was a woman who was crying. The Holy Prophet said, “Why are you crying?” The woman answered, “I had a son sold to Banu-`Abs. The Holy Prophet asked, “Who sold him?” The woman said, “Abu-Usayd al-Ansari did.”
Furious, the Holy Prophet said to Abu-Usayd Ansari, “Get on the horse and return her son as you have sold him.” The man got on the horse and after some time returned him.

The Holy Prophet said, “Whoever separates a mother and her children, Allah Almighty will separate him from his friends.”  The Holy Prophet has also said, “Never go to the nest of birds at night nor scaring them from their nests, for night is a time of rest for them.” (Da`a'im al-Islam: 60/2, H 162)