Helping A Needy Traveler

Al-Yasa` ibn Hamzah has reported: I was in the presence of Imam al-Rida (a.s) where a group of people asked him questions about what was lawful and unlawful. A tall man joined the gathering and said, “Peace be to you, O son of Allah’s Messenger! I am a devotee of you and of your ancestors. I am returning from Hajj. I have lost my money and my provision. I have nothing on me to travel furthermore. Should you help me to reach my hometown, Allah has blessed me. When I reach my hometown, I will give as charity what you have given me; for I am not entitled to charity.” 
Imam al-Rida said, “May Allah bless you. Take a seat here.” Then the Imam released the people and there were only the Imam, Sulayman Ja`fari, Khaythamah, the needy traveler and I. Then the Imam said, “Will you give me permission to enter the chamber?” He then turned to Sulayman Ja`fari and said, “Allah has improved your affair.” The Imam entered the room, closed the door and stretched his hand out of an opening saying, “Where is the man from Khorasan?” The man said, “I am here.” The Imam said, “Take this purse of two hundred Dinars, spend it for your living costs, seek blessing of Allah, don’t give any charity and leave this house so that we will not see each other!”
When the traveler left, Sulayman said to the Imam, “May I be you ransom. You were both kind and generous. Why did you cover your face then?” The Imam said, “In order not to see humiliation and abasement in his face for having fulfilled his needs. Have you not heard this hadith from Allah’s Messenger: ‘One who hides his good deed is like one who makes pilgrimage to Mecca for seventy times. One who reveals vices will be degraded and one who hides evil will be forgiven.’ Have you not heard the old saying: ‘When I go to him to fulfill my needs, I will return home while I have saved my face.’” Al-Kafi: 23/4, H 3.)