Just Distribution of Work

The Holy Prophet (s) and his companions alighted from their horses and started unloading their camels to break their journey. Everyone agreed on slaughtering a goat and cooking its meat for dinner. One of them offered to slaughter the animal. Another took removing the skin upon himself. A third volunteered to cook the meat.
The Holy Prophet (s) said, ‘I’ll collect the wood for the fire from the surrounding wilderness.’ All his (s)companions cried in unison, ‘Why must you work, with us around? We feel honored to serve you while you rest. We will complete the task in no time.’
The Holy Prophet (s) replied. ‘I know that you can accomplish this in no time, but God doesn’t befriend anyone who considers himself better than his friends and worthy of their respect.’
Saying this he walked towards the woods, and returned with a pile of dry twigs and leaves enough to light the fire while the others finished their work.