Love for the Holy Prophet (saws) - 3

Imam as-Sadiq (a) narrated: An oilman loved the Prophet (s) very much to the degree that he used to come to look at him before he would do any job. As he realized this thing from that oilman, the Prophet used to raise himself —when he was sitting— so t hat the man would see him.
One day, the man, as usual, took a look at the Prophet (s) before he would go to his job. He, very soon, came back. When the Prophet (s) noticed that, he waved to him to sit down. The man sat before the Prophet (s), who asked him about his unusual coming back. The man said: “God’s Messenger, by Him Who has sent you with the right I swear, your picture covered my heart totally that I could not go for my job; therefore, I came back to you.” The Prophet (s) addressed nice words to that man and supplicated to God for his good.”
For several days, the Prophet (s) could not see that man. When he missed him, the Prophet (s) asked the others about him, and they answered that they, too, could not see him several days ago. The Prophet (s), accompanied by his companions, came to the market to ask about him. He found his shop locked, and the others informed him that the man had died. They also told that he was trustworthy and truthful, but he had one bad manner—he used to look covetingly at women.
The Prophet (s) commented: “He loved me very much. Allah will surely forgive him even if he was fraudulent in weighing and measuring.”  al-Wafi; part 3 pages 143-4. ) 

Reference :The Ahl Ul-Bayt Ethical Role-Models