Ma’mun’s Trickery

Ma’mun played every trick to make Imam al-Jawad as worldly and sensual as himself but he failed in his plot until he gave her daughter in marriage to the Imam. On the wedding night, he ordered a hundred slave-girls who were the most beautiful to hold a chalice each in their hands to welcome the Imam in the bridal chamber with much pomp and glory. The slave-girls did as they had been ordered but Imam al-Jawad paid not attention to them. Ma’mun had to call Mukhariq, a music performer who had a sweet voice and played viol.Mukhariq said to Ma’mun, “O Leader of the Faithful! If you wish al-Jawad to have a desire of the world, my voice will suffice it.” Mukhariq sat face to face with the Imam and started singing. He sang in a way that all the people of the house gathered round him. Then, he started playing viol. He did so for one hour but Imam al-Jawad looked neither at right side not left side. Finally the Imam raised his head saying, “Fear Allah, O you long-bearded man!” At this moment the viol fell from the hands of the music performer and he enjoyed it no more until he died. Bihar al-Anwar: 61/50, Chapter: 26, H 37 ) 

Reference: Ahlalbayt TheCelestial Beings On The Earth