Only Allah Knows

Usman ibn e Maz’oon was an immigrant, Muhajir, from Mecca. He was living in the house of a Medinite, Ansar. He was treated hospitably as a member of the family, as that was the basic principle of the fraternal relations created by the Holy Prophet (s) on immigration.
He fell ill. Umme ‘Ala Ansari, the woman of the house, was a pious Muslim. She nursed Usman with care, but his condition worsened and he died.
When the funeral was ready, the Holy Prophet (s) arrived and Umme ‘Ala pointed towards Usman’s funeral and said, ‘O Usman, may Allah’s blessings descend upon you. I testify that Allah has granted you entrance into the realm of His blessings.’
When the Holy Prophet (s) heard the statement, he asked her, ‘How did you know that he had entered the realm of Allah’s blessings?’
‘I just said it. Obviously, I don’t know.’
‘Usman ibn e Maz’oon has entered that realm where all veils are lifted from ones eyes. I also wish him well, but I’d like to add, that even though I am a Prophet, I never express such an opinion about myself or anyone of you.’
Umme ‘Ala never again passed such remarks on anyone’s funeral. She always said, ‘Only Allah knows,’ when asked for her opinion.
Some time after Usman’s death she dreamt that a stream was flowing for him. She related the dream to the Holy Prophet (s) who said, ‘His actions flow like a stream.’