Paying off a Heavy Loan

Abu-Muhammad Ghaffari has reported: I had a heavy debt; so, I said to myself, “I have no option for paying off my dept except seeking help from my master Abu’l-Hasan `Ali ibn Musa al-Rida.” So, I set off for the Imam’s house in the morning. When I reached there, I asked for permission to see the Imam, and when I entered the room, the Imam said, “Abu-Muhammad! I am aware of your need. We will pay off your dept.” When evening came, I was served the dinner and the Imam then said, “Will you stay with us or leave?” I said, “Master, should you fulfill my need, I prefer to leave.” Then the Imam gave me a handful of Dinars. I bid him farewell and went to a place I could see the Dinars. He said, “O Abu-Muhammad! They are fifty Dinars; twenty-six are for paying off the dept, and twenty-four for the living expenditures.” The next morning when I looked at the Dinars precisely, I did not see that Dinar, yet it was not less than fifty Dinars either! Uyun Akhbar al-Rida, 218/2.)

Reference: Ahlalbayt TheCelestial Beings On The Earth