Protecting Ones Rights

Samra ibn e Jundab planted a date-palm in the orchard of an Ansar (Medinite). The domestic lodgings of the owner were within the precincts of his orchard. Samra was granted the right to enter the orchard to water his tree or pick fruit when ripe.
However, Samra abused the right granted by Islamic law. He entered the orchard nonchalantly, in fact, irresponsibly, without announcing himself. In the domestic quarters of the owner, his family members were busy in their chores, sometimes not dressed for strangers’ eyes.
The owner requested him to observe the rules of Islamic etiquette and enter after gaining permission from his family members. Samra blatantly refused to comply with his request and walked in without announcing himself. He also eyed whatever he saw, not lowering his gaze as commanded by Almighty Allah.
Exasperated with his behaviour, the owner complained to the Holy Prophet (s) about him, requesting him to advise Samra.
The Holy Prophet (s) called for him and said, ‘There is a complaint lodged by the owner of the orchard against you. He is annoyed by your indecent behaviour. You enter his orchard unannounced and eye his women, who don’t get a chance to go indoors. You are advised to enter only after getting permission from his family from this day onward.’ Samra refused to comply with his (s) directive.
The Holy Prophet (s) offered another alternative. He (s) suggested he sell his tree. He refused outright. He (s)raised the price of the tree. He still refused. He (s) promised a tree in heaven for this one. He rejected every offer.
The Holy Prophet (s) then gave his verdict on the situation. ‘You are a stubborn
and sadistic person. Islam does not permit anyone to harass or harm anyone.’ He ordered the owner of the orchard to cut down Samra’s tree and throw it in the street. The people went and did as directed.
The Holy Prophet (s) looked at Samra and said, ‘Go hence, and use the tree in the open fields you see around.’