Rashid al-Hajari

Rashid al-Hajari was one of the intimate friends of Imam Ali (a). Ziyad the cursed (the governor of Kufa in the reign of Yazid ibn Muawiya; the second Umayyad caliph) ordered to arrest him. When he was brought before him, Ziyad asked: “What did your fr iend (i.e. Amir ul-Mu'minin) foretell you regarding our deed to you?”
Rashid answered: “He foretold that you would cut my hands and legs and would crucify me.”
Ziyad said: “By God, I will belie this foretelling.” Hence, he ordered them to set Rashid free.
When Rashid was about to leave, Ziyad shouted: “Take him back to me. The best thing that I see as punishment for him is that which was foretold by his friend. This is because he will not stop doing evil to us so long as he is alive.”
They took Rashid and cut his legs and hands. However, he did not stop declaring the right of Amir ul-Mu'minin (a); hence, Ziyad the cursed ordered to be crucified. Safinat ul-Bihar; vol. 1 page 522 )

Reference :The Ahl Ul-Bayt Ethical Role-Models