Rights of a Mother

Zakaria ibn e Ibrahim of Kufa, was born to Christian parents. When he grew young, he was exposed to Islam, and was very strongly attracted by it. Islam seemed to stir his soul and urge him to accept it as his faith. Finally, one day, against the approval of his family, he declared his conversion to Islam. Thenceforth, he observed the Islamic code of law and practiced it dutifully.
Soon it was time to perform Hajj. He left Kufa and went straight to Medina to meet Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (‘a). He related his entire experience of being a Christian and then converting to Islam. The Imam (‘a) asked him, ‘What was it about Islam that attracted you the most?’

‘All I can say is that Verse 52 of Surah Shura in the Holy Quran seems to describe my situation perfectly. The Almighty addresses His Messenger (s) saying, saying, saying,
“…You were unaware of the Book and the Faith. We revealed it to you through Inspiration and made it a light, guiding thereby whom We please of Our servants…” 
The Imam (‘a) said, ‘I testify that Almighty Allah has guided you towards the path of Truth.’ The Imam then repeated this prayer three times, ‘O Sustainer of all creation, May You always be his guide!’
Then he (‘a) said, ‘Do you need to ask any questions, young man?’

‘I certainly do. My parents and the entire family are Christians and I am a Muslim. My mother is blind. I live with them and am obliged to eat with them. What am I supposed to do under the circumstances?
‘Does your family eat pork?’‘Does your family eat pork?’‘Does your family eat pork?’
‘No, Ya ibn e Rasool Allah, they do not even touch the meat of swine.’‘No, Ya ibn e Rasool Allah, they do not even touch the meat of swine
‘Then there is no objection in living and eating with them. Remember one thing. Do not be lax in serving your mother. Be kind and affectionate to her until she is alive, and after her death do not assign the task of burying her to others. Perform all the funeral rites yourself. Now I take my leave. Do not mention your meeting with me to anybody here. I am also going to Mina, and Insha Allah, hope to see you there
All the Hajjis gathered in Mina. Zakaria frantically looked for the Imam (‘a). Finally, he saw him (‘a) surrounded by hordes of Hajjis who were questioning him like children seeking advice from their teacher. Those standing behind him (‘a) would question from afar and get their answer. would question from afar and get their answer. would question from afar and get their answer.
After performing Hajj, Zakaria returned to Kufa. He remembered the Imam’s (‘a) advice concerning his mother, and started looking after her with great care and love. He fed her with his own hands, washed her clothes and combed her hair. His mother couldn’t help noticing the difference in his attitude.
One day she asked him, ‘Son, when we all professed the same religion, you did not behave in the same affectionate manner as you do now, after becoming a Muslim. What has brought about this visible change in you?’
‘Dear Mother! A member of the offspring of the Holy Prophet (s) ordered me to do it.’
‘Is he a prophet?’
‘No. He is a son of the Prophet (s).’.’.’
‘My son, I feel he is also a prophet, because such advice is not given by others.
‘No Mother, he is not a prophet, because, according to our faith, the Holy Prophet (s) is the last prophet sent by God on earth. There will be no prophet after him.’ is the last prophet sent by God on earth. 
‘My son, your faith is better than all the faiths I know of. Teach me your faith. I want to accept it.’
The son read the (shahadah) statement testifying the Oneness of Allah and the Prophet-hood of Muhammad(s). His mother repeated it after him and became a Muslim. After that, he taught her how to perform wuzu and offer the obligatory prayers. She offered the afternoon (zuhr) and evening prayers (asr) and then the after-sunset (maghrib) and early-night (’isha) prayers.
After midnight, her condition suddenly deteriorated and she asked her son to repeat the statement and principles of Islam, which he had taught her that day. She repeated the statement after him and her soul flew out of her body to meet its Creator.
In the morning, the Muslim women came, bathed her body and wrapped it in the coffin cloth. The person, who led her funeral prayer and interred her into the grave, was none other than her son, Zakaria.