Self Esteem

Mufazzal bin Qais ran into financial problems, debts and consequent stress. He came to Imam Jafar al-Sadiq(‘a) and shared his deplorable circumstances with him. ‘I am in great debt and can not figure out how to raise money to cover the daily expenses of my family. I cannot help myself in any way and have asked almost everyone for a loan, but now, when people see me coming they close their doors in my face.’ His condition was pathetic.
‘Please pray that I find some means of earning a living,’ he said. ‘I came to request you to pray to Almighty Allah to put an end to my misfortunes and difficulties.’
The Imam (‘a) called a maidservant and asked her to bring the pouch containing money sent by Mansoor. The maidservant complied with his wishes and brought the pouch.
The Imam (‘a) gave it to Mufazzal and said, ‘Take this. It contains 400 dinars. They will support you for some days.’
Mufazzal, embarrassed but grateful, said, ‘I did not mean to ask you for money. I only came to ask you to pray for me.’
The Imam (‘a) said, ‘I will pray for you. However, I’d like to add a word of advice. Never advertise your difficulties and problems. This will inform people that you are a failure, an unsuccessful person. They will treat you with such contempt that it will destroy your self esteem and ruin your personality.’