The Household Of Mohammed (saws)

Baba Hasan was prayer leader of our spiritual guide (Sheikh), Abu-Sa`id. Under the Sheikh, Sufis followed his leadership. One day when he was performing the Morning Prayer, he came to qunut(Communion) saying, “Blessed and Exalted is our Lord, greetings be upon Muhammad.” He went into prostration. 

When he completed his prayer, our Sheikh asked him, “Why did not you send greeting upon the Household of Muhammad, and why did not you say: O Allah send greetings upon Muhammad and upon the Household of Muhammad?” Baba said, “The companions have different opinions as to whether or not to say ‘The Household of Muhammad’ in the first tashahhud’ and qunut and to be on the safe side, I did not say it.” 

Our Sheikh said, “We will not attend any assembly where the names of Muhammad’s Household are not mentioned.” (Asrar al-Tawhid: 204/1 )