The Love for Ahlulbayt - 3

Saaid; the servant of al-Kumayt—the famous poet, narrated the following:
Accompanying my master; al-Kumayt, we, once, visited Ali ibn al-Hussein (a). Before him, al-Kumayt said: “I have eulogized you hoping that it will be a means that takes me near to the Messenger of God (s).”
Al-Kumayt, then, recited his poem. When he finished, the Imam (a) said to him: “I cannot reward you properly, but God will surely reward you properly.”
The Imam then supplicated to God to forgive al-Kumayt and could gather for him four hundred thousand dirhams.
Al-Kumayt said: “If you have given me a single daniq,  it will be great honor for me. I, however, wish you would give me pieces of your clothes through which I will seek blessings.”
Thus, the Imam (a) gave him his clothes and supplicated: “O Allah my Lord, al-Kumayt has done well for the sake of Your Messenger’s family when others have fallen behind, and declared the right that others have concealed. Hence, I implore to You to give him nice life, make him die as shahid, show him Your rewarding very soon, and grant him the great rewards thereupon. I am too short to reward him properly.”
All his lifetime, al-Kumayt felting the blessings of the Imam’s supplication.  al-Ghadir; 2/189. (The narration is recorded in Khuzanat ul-Adab) ) 

Reference :The Ahl Ul-Bayt Ethical Role-Models