Build such a house which will remain intact forever

A king of The Israelites expressed his desire to build a city which would not have any kind of defect that could be detected by any observer. So it was built and the people said it was so perfect that no such city was ever built by anyone in the past. But one man said if I am given protection I will point out its defect. The king said, You are sage. Tell us what is its defect. He said, There are two defects. The first is that you the king of this city will die one day and it will pass into the hands of others and secondly after you this city will be ruined. The king said what can be worse than these two defects. Now tell us how these defects can be avoided. That man said, Build such a house which will remain intact forever and which will never be ruined and you too may live in it forever in youth, without growing old. After hearing this when the king narrated it to his daughter she said no one in your domain has ever said any thing truer than what this man has told you.

Reference: Hayat Al-Qulub, Vol. 1, Stories of the Prophets