“Come with me to Masjid Quba.”

It is narrated through many authentic chains of narrators from the same Imam that when Abu Bakr usurped the Caliphate of Ali (a.s.), he (Ali) asked him, “Did the Holy Prophet (S) not order you to obey me?” “No,” he replied, “If he had ordered me, I would have obeyed you.” Imam (a.s.) said, “Will you obey if right now you were to see the Holy Prophet (S) and he were to order you?” “Yes” he replied. Imam Ali (a.s.) said, “Come with me to Masjid Quba.” When they reached Masjid Quba, Abu Bakr saw that the Messenger of Allah (S) was standing up in prayers.
When the Holy Prophet (S) concluded his prayer, Amirul Momineen (a.s.) said, “Abu Bakr denies that you ordered my obedience.” The Holy Prophet (S) told Abu Bakr, “I ordered you time and again. Go now and do not deviate from his obedience.” Abu Bakr was highly terrified at this scene and when he was returning from there, he met Umar, who asked him what the matter was. Abu Bakr said that the Holy Prophet (S) said this and this.
Umar said, “That Ummah was destroyed that appointed a fool like you as their ruler. Perhaps you don’t know all this is the sorcery of Bani Hashim.”