Good End is for the Pious

It is narrated from Imam Ja‘far as-Sadiq authentically that he said there was a worshipper in the Israelites who always recited these words: meaning all praise is for the Lord of the worlds and good end is for the pious. Iblis was very hurt with this recitation of Truth so he sent one of his followers to him in the form of a man to tell the worshipper that good end is for the rich and the wealthy. That cursed creature came to the worshipper and tried hard to convince him of his misguidance but the worshipper did not believe him. After a confrontation it was decided that they should seek a decision from whoever met them first. The party in whose favor the arbitrator would decide would cut off one hand of the other party.
They went to a man who decided that of course lucky are those who are rich. Hearing this, the Satan cut off one hand of the worshipper. They returned back but the worshipper continued to recite the same words of wisdom. The Satan argued with him and again they went to another person for arbitration who too gave the same decision as before. The Satan cut off another hand of the worshipper. Still the latter continued his recitation whereupon the Satan insisted on going to a third person for his decision. The party against whom he decided would lose his head. Agreeing with this proposal they went further. Allah sent an angel in the form of man. When the two narrated their matter before him the angel put his hand on the cut off hands of the worshipper at the proper places and scanned them and the worshipper was healed at once. Then he decapitated Satan and said, Such is the good end for the pious people.