Goodness and Generosity

It is narrated from Imam Musa al-Ka¨im through reliable sources that there was a pious man in The Israelites. His wife was also good-natured. Once in his dream a person told him that Allah has decided to give you this much life. From that half of will be spent in ease and satisfaction and the other half in poverty and restlessness. Now you yourself decide which part you want first and which the next. Allah has given you a choice in this matter. That pious man said let me first consult my good-hearted wife because she is my life partner. The next morning he narrated his dream to his wife. She advised him to ask for a prosperous life first and to make haste in obtaining safety as perhaps Allah may be kind to them and conclude His bounties on them.
The next night he saw the same person in his dream who asked him about his choice. He said he desired a satisfactory life first. So all sorts of comforts and bounties were showered on them from all sides. His wife again advised him to spend the money bestowed on him by Allah on his poor relatives, needy persons, neighbors and such and such persons. She continued to give him good counsel about spending his wealth and Allah’s bounties for good causes. Finally the first half of his life passed and the other part began which was to pass in poverty. Again the same person appeared in his dream to inform him that the Kind and Merciful Allah had made the other part of his life also restful and comfortable as a reward of his good and generous deeds of the earlier half.