“He is Muhammad My Messenger, My trustworthy, My beloved and My friend,

Sayyid Ibn Tawus has quoted from the book of Idris that when Satan asked Allah for respite until day of judgment, Allah said, “No, you will be spared, until the appointed hour. It is the time when I have decreed purge the earth of polytheism, disbelief and sin and evil. For this I will select some whom I would have tested for firmness of belief; and piety, sincerity, belief, abstemiousness. They eagerly await the day of judgment. They have a true belief regarding the Resurrection Day. They are my devotees and friends. I have created for them a great Prophet and they shall be his helpers. I have kept the day of their appearance a secret. Surely, that day will came and on that day you and your followers will perish. Now, get out from here until the appointed time.”
Then Allah told Adam to open his eyes and see the Angels standing before him. “They have made obeisance to you. Salute them with the words “As salaamo a’laikum wa rahmatullahe wa barakaatoh.”Adam came to them and saluted. Angels returned his salutations, Wa a’laika yaa aadamo wa rahmatullahe was barakaatoh.
Allah said, “O, Adam! This is a salutation for you and your children until the Resurrection Day.” Then Allah brought out his offspring from the backbone and took the covenant of His oneness. Prophet Adam saw a group from his progeny, bright and brilliant and hee asked who they were. Allah said, “They are the apostles from your offspring.” Adam asked their number and Allah responded, “They are One hundred and twenty four thousand. Among them are three hundred and fifteen Prophets.” Adam asked, “Who is the last of them and who looks more luminous than others?”
Allah said, “He is Muhammad My Messenger, My trustworthy, My beloved and My friend, My chosen one and most exalted of My creatures. He is My favorite and one who has recognized more than anyone else. He is the best with regard to forbearance, knowledge, faith, belief, righteousness, worship, humility, piety and obedience. I have taken an oath from the bearers of the throne and those who are below that they believe in him and recognize his Prophethood. O, Adam! You also believe in him, so that your status and respect increases.”
Prophet Adam said, “I believe in Allah and His Prophet.” Allah said, “O, Adam I have exalted your respect and appointed you as the first Prophet. And your son Muhammad is the seal of the Prophets and Messengers. He is the one for whom I created and the heavens and the Earth, and he will be the first to arrive on the day of judgment. The angels shall clothe him in heavenly garments and bring him astride a horse. He would be the first person to intercede and his intercession will be accepted. He will be first person for whom the doors of Heaven will be opened and he will enter first. O, Adam! Your patronymic is from him. You are Abu Muhammad, the Father of human beings.” Adam said, “Praise be to Allah. I am very grateful to Him, that He created such a personality from my offspring who would be the first to enter Paradise. And I am not jealous of him.”