“If Allah wills He will provide abundance in it even if the capital is little.”

It is reported in authentic traditions from Hamza Thumali that in the distant past there was a very rich man in the progeny of Prophets. He would spend his wealth on the needy and the poor. After his demise his wife also continued to spend like him. Soon all of the wealth was spent. Now that man had a son who would always hear people (Wherever he went) praying for peace upon his late father and benefaction for him. He asked his mother the reason for such prayers being made by people wherever he went. His mother told him that: Your father was very pious. He was a benefactor of the poor. Being rich he would spend his money on fulfilling the needs of the poor people. After his departure I also continued to spend his wealth on the needy. Finally all the wealth is spent. The son said, My dear mother! My late father is getting the reward for whatever he did but you did not have the right to do what you did and hence you have earned Allah’s displeasure. The mother asked him what he meant.
The son said, “My father was spending his own wealth but you spent away the wealth of others (meaning his).” The mother replied, “My son! You are correct. But I did not think that you would object to what I did and would declare that wealth lawful for me.” The son said, “I do so now and declare it lawful for you. But is there anything left so that I may make it a means of earning and may seek Allah’s Grace. Maybe He will make us rich again.” The mother said, “I have a hundred Dinars.” The sons said, “If Allah wills He will provide abundance in it even if the capital is little.” Then he went out for earning their livelihood.
On his way he found the dead body of a man whose face showed signs of being a pious and virtuous person. He thought what can be better than spending my money on bathing, covering and coffining this corpse and praying for him and burying him. So he spent twenty dirhams for this good deed. Now he had only twenty dirhams. He walked further for finding Allah’s graceful provision. Along the way a man met him and asked him where he was going. He said, For finding livelihood and Allah’s Grace. He asked how much capital he had. He replied, “Twenty dirhams.” The man said, “Of what use can this little amount be?” The boy replied, “When Allah wishes He gives abundance in little capital too.” “You are right of course,” said the man. Then he asked, “You must do exactly what I say? But I will tell you what to do only on condition that you give me half of the earnings.”
The boy agreed. That man told him, “On the path on which you are proceeding you will find a house. The residents of that house will invite you as a guest. Do accept their invitation. When their servant brings food for you he will be accompanied by a black cat. You should ask that man to sell that cat to you. He will refuse. But you must go on asking. Finally he will agree to sell it for twenty dirhams. You must pay him the amount and obtain that cat. Thereafter you should slaughter that cat, burn its head and remove its brain and go to a certain city. The king of that place has become blind. Tell those people that you can treat their king. Be not afraid on seeing the dead bodies of people whom the king had killed earlier for having failed to cure him. You may ask any amount you like as your price for his treatment. On the first day sting the king’s eyes with the brain of that cat. He will find it effective and will ask for more medicine. Do not do so but apply only one needle on the second and third day too.” So that boy went on his way, became a guest of the residents of that house, bought the cat, reached the king of the said city and engaged in treating him. On the first day he applied only one needle to sting his eyes. It proved effective and the king could see a little on the following day. He felt even better on the second day and was completely healed on the third day. The king was now able to see everything like before.
He told the boy: You have done me a great favor. You have earned a right on me. You have returned my kingdom to me. As a reward I give you my daughter in marriage. The boy replied, “My mother is alive whom I cannot separate from.” The king married his daughter with that boy and told him that he could live there as long as he desired and could go to his mother’s place along with the princess whenever he wished. The boy lived with the king with honor and respect for one year and then prepared to go. The king gave him much wealth and goods and cows and camels and sheep. The boy departed with all that along with his wife. First he went to the place where he had met the man who showed him how to cure the king. He found that man sitting there. Seeing the boy he asked: Boy: Why did you not keep your promise? The boy replied, “Whatever I got and enjoyed while I was with the king may please be declared lawful for me. Whatever is with me now is this. You may take half of it.”
He divided his wealth equally and asked that man to take the part of his choice. The man said, “You have not acted with justice.” “How is that?” the boy asked. The man said, “The woman also is a part of your earning.” The boy said, “You are right. Take away all the wealth and leave the woman for me.” He said, “No, I want half of that woman too.” The boy called for a saw and put it on the head of the woman to give half of her to that man.” The man said, “Now you have kept your promise and word. This woman and all this wealth is yours. Take them away. I need nothing of it. I am an angel. Allah sent me only to give the reward of that good which you had done to the dead body on your path.”

Reference: Hayat Al-Qulub, Vol. 1, Stories of the Prophets