Martydom of Misam e Tammar

Ubaidullah bin Ziyad ordered the police to bring Maytham. He said to him:
I've heard that you're a companion of Ali's!
Maytham said:
Ubaidullah bin Ziyad said to Maytham:
Will you disown him?
Maytham said:
No, I won't!
Ubaidullah bin Ziyad said:
Surely, I'll kill you!
Maytham said:
By Allah, Imam Ali [a] has told me that you will kill me! He has told me that you will cut my hands, legs, and tongue!
Ibn Ziyad stormily said:
Your Imam is a liar!
Maytham jeered at that foolish person (Ubaidullah).
Ibn Ziyad ordered the police to tie Maytham to the date-palm trunk near the house of Amru bin Huraith. Besides, he ordered them to cut off his hands and legs.
Maytham addressed the people:
People, if you want to hear some information about Ali bin Abi Talib, then come to me.
The people crowded around Maytham. He began teaching them various kinds of knowledge.
The spies told Ubaidullah bin Ziyad about Maytham's words.
Ibn Ziyad ordered a policeman to cut off Maytham's tongue. Maytham said:
Amirul Mu'mineen has told me about that.
The policeman cut off his Maytham's tongue. Another policeman stabbed him with a sword.