Shaitaan meets Hazrat Nuh (as)

After the deluge, Satan came to Nuh and said, “You have done a great favor to me ask from me any advice, I shall not do any treachery with you.” Nuh remained quite and did not ask any questions. Almighty Allah revealed to Nuh to ask him questions that will bring out from his own tongue, proofs and arguments against himself. So Nuh said, “So, what you want to say?” Satan said, “Whenever we find a child of Adam to be a miser or greedy, or jealous, or an oppressor, or hasty, we pick him like a person picks up a drinking cup. And whenever these characteristics are found together in a person, I call him an obstinate Satan.”
Nuh asked him what that favor was that he thinks that Nuh has done to him. He replied, “You cursed the people on the earth and sent them all into the hell immediately and I was relieved from (working upon) them. If you had not cursed them, I would have had to occupy myself with them for a long time.”

Reference: Hayat Al-Qulub, Vol. 1, Stories of the Prophets