Why are you standing on my grave?

It is narrated from Imam Muhammad al-Baqir that some persons from the progeny of olden day kings had engaged themselves in Allah’s worship and were touring the world to get admonition from the events and the conditions of people all around. Once they passed by a grave on which the people had dumped much earth leaving only a little sign of it. They consulted among themselves and decided to pray to Allah and ask him to make the man in the grave alive so that they could find out from him how death tasted. Then they prayed: O Lord! You alone are our Lord and Nourisher. There is no Allah except You. You are the Creator of everything and you alone are to last forever and will never perish. You are aware of everything. You are ever Alive and will never die. You are continuously engaged in planning the affairs of Your creations and know everything without being taught by anyone. Please make this corpse alive for us. 

Instantly a man with white hair on his head and beard came out of that grave. He was shaking off the dust from his head and was looking toward the heavens fearfully. Then he asked them: Why are you standing on my grave? 

They said, We have troubled you so that you may tell us how death tastes? 

The man said, I have been buried in this grave for ninety-nine years and yet the pain of death has not been removed from me and the bitterness of death has not yet left my throat. They asked him: Whether his hair was white like this when he died? He said, No, but now when I heard a sudden call to get up all my bones joined with one another and I became alive. I frighteningly imagined that the Day of Judgment has arrived. This fear turned my hair white and my eyes wide open.

Reference: Hayat Al-Qulub, Vol. 1, Stories of the Prophets