Ali Bin 'Ubayd Allah

Al-Kashi narrated, saying: [In the book of Mohammed b. al-Husayn b. Bandār, in his own handwriting, I have read:] "Mohammed b. Yahyā al-'Attār related to me. He said: Ahmed b. Mohammed b. 'Īsā reported to me on the authority of 'Ali b. al-Hakam, on the authority of Sulaymān b. Ja'far, who said: 'Ali b. 'Ubayd Allah b. al-Husayn b. 'Ali b. al-Husayn b. 'Ali b. Abū Tālib, peace be on him, said to me: 'I (i.e. 'Ali Bin 'Ubayd Allah) would like to go in to Abū al-Hasan al-Ridā in order to greet him.' I (i.e. Sulaymān b. Ja'far) asked him: 'What has prevented you from that?' 'Because I magnify and respect him and fear for him.'"
He (Sulaymān b. Ja'far) said: "Abū al-Hasan (al-Ridā), peace be on him, became slightly sick, and the people visited him. I met 'Ali b. 'Ubayd Allah and said to him: 'What you want has come to you; Abū al-Hasan, peace be on him, has fallen slightly ill, and the people visited him. If you want to visit him, then come today.'"
 He (Sulaymān b. Ja'far) said: " He came to Abū al-Hasan (al-Ridā), peace be on him, in order to visit him. Abū al-Hasan received him with honor and magnification, so 'Ali b. 'Ubayd Allah was very pleased with that. Then 'Ali b. 'Ubayd Allah became ill, hence Abū al-Hasan (al-Ridā), peace be on him, visited him. I was with him. He sat until those who were in the house went out. When we went out, a female slave of mine told me that Umm Salām, 'Ali b. 'Ubayd Allah's wife, was behind the curtain and looking at him (al-Ridā). When Abū al-Hasan, peace be on him,  went out, she went out, stooped to the place in which he sat, kissed it and rubbed (her face) with it."
Sulaymān (b. Ja'far) said: "Then I went in to 'Ali b. 'Ubayd Allah and he told about what Umm Salama had done. I told Abū al-Hasan (al-Ridā), peace be on him, (about that), and he said: 'Sulaymān, 'Ali b. 'Ubayd Allah, his wife, and his children are of the people of the Garden. Sulaymān, the children of 'Ali and Fātima are not like the rest of the people because Allah has singled them out for this matter (i.e. the Imāmate). ( Al-Kashi. )

Reference :The life of Imām'Ali Bin Mūsā al-Ridā