It is recorded through the same sources that Imam said, “Fear Allah and do not envy one another.” Doubtlessly the holy ‘Isa’s shari‘ah included his tours in the world too. Once during such tours his companions included a short stature gentleman who was always keeping close to him. When they came across a river ‘Isa said, Bismillah (In the Name of the Allah) and stepped onto the water with firm faith and began to cross the river on foot. His companion also uttered ‘Bismillah’ and followed him trustfully and came very near to the . His soul became proud with a thought about ‘Isa that since he also was walking like ‘Isa on water, how is ‘Isa superior to me? Immediately he began to drown. So he complained to ‘Isa who held his hand and fetching him out asked him, ‘O little man! What thought did your heart nurture, which resulted in this calamity for you?’ He described whatever had come to his mind. ‘Isa told him that he (the pigmy man) had turned his heart in a direction in which Allah had not wanted it and also explained to him that he had imagined himself to be on a level that was higher than his. Therefore Allah regarded him as His enemy. So ‘Repent’. He repented and got his earlier status.” Imam said, “Repent before Allah and do not envy one another.”

Reference: Hayat Al-Qulub, Vol. 1, Stories of the Prophets