Can a child Be an Imam ?

A person came to Imam Muhammad al-Taqi and said, “People talk about the your age and say how a child of nine years can become an Imam?” Imam said, “Allah revealed to Dawud to make Sulayman his caliph and Sulayman was a child and a shepherd. Sulayman became a Caliph but intellectuals and common people of The Israelites did not accept him. Then it was revealed to Dawud to collect the branches of Sulayman and others in a room and ask them to lock the room. ‘And you also put a lock. Next day you open and see the are which has leaflet. That person will be My Caliph.’ When Dawud informed them of divine command they were happy with this judgment and worked out accordingly. Then a leaflet was found on the staff of Sulayman. Then they accepted the successorship of Sulayman and became obedient to him.”

Reference: Hayat Al-Qulub, Vol. 1, Stories of the Prophets