Hazrat Dawood (as) and the Frog

It is recorded with authentic evidences that Imam as-Sadiq said that one day Dawud said, ‘Today I will worship my Lord and recite Zabur in an unprecedented manner.’ Then he went into his niche and did as he had planned. When he concluded his prayers prayer a frog appeared suddenly and spoke to him by the command of Allah, “O Dawud! Are you pleased with this worship and recitation made by you now?” Dawud replied in the affirmative. The frog said, “You must not feel happy over it. I recite 3000 Tasbihs (praises) of my Lord every night. Out of that 3000 Tasbihs sprout and spread over me though I remain in the bottom of water. When I hear the voice of any bird, I presume that it is hungry. So I come up on the surface to enable that bird may eat me up even though I did not err.”

Reference: Hayat Al-Qulub, Vol. 1, Stories of the Prophets