Hazrat Isa (as) ans shaitan

Babawayh has narrated through Ibn ‘Abbas that when ‘Isa who was then 30 year old was in the aqabah (vale) of Jerusalem called Aqaba ar-Rafeeq, the accursed Iblis approached him and told him that since he had talked while in the cradle only his sovereignty (Godhood) was the highest. But ‘Isa retorted, ‘O Iblis. It is not so. Only One Allah is the Greatest. The one who has empowered me to talk in the cradle. He could have made me dumb, had He willed so’. Then that condemned Satan repeated, ‘Only you are the great Allah who is able to shape a bird with clay and blow into it to make it alive.” ‘Isa replied instantly, “Greatness is reserved only for Allah who created me and who creates a bird with my hands.” That condemned Satan spoke again: “Your Godhood is so high that you heal the ill.” ‘Isa told him: “Godhood is only for Him with whose permission I heal the ill, because if He wills it He can make me ill.” Then Iblis continued: “It is none but you who with your divine power make the dead alive. ‘Isa retorted: “But the real greatness belongs only to Allah at Whose command I raise up the dead, and it is only Allah Who will make those dead whom I have made live and also make me dead. Only He will remain ever alive.” Iblis said again, “It is only you whose godhood is so great that you walk on water without even wetting your feet.” said, “No, but sovereignty belongs only to the One Who made the water subservient to me, if He wills Allah may drown me.” Then that accursed said, “O ‘Isa, it is only you that one day the heavens and the earth and whatever is in between the two will come beneath your feet and you will be upon all of them and will direct their affairs and you will distribute their provisions.” These words of Satan made ‘Isa very uneasy and he said, “Subhaan.....Nafsih (meaning Highly Exalted is Allah above all that you utter. I will glorify him so much that both the heavens and earth will be full of it and the ink (writing his never-ending knowledge) will finish and the weight of his glorification will equal his throne so that he may be pleased with me. Hearing these words Iblis ran away and jumped into the sea of Akhzar.

Reference: Hayat Al-Qulub, Vol. 1, Stories of the Prophets