Hazrat Isa (as) reveals the Thief

 It is mentioned in some books that when Maryam had arrived in Egypt ‘Isa was until that time a child. She (Mary) had taken shelter in the house of a farmer because she was very friendly with the poor and helped in nourishing them too. One day some of that farmer’s wealth was stolen. He made allegation against those poor people who then were living in his house. This made Maryam very sorrowful. Seeing this ‘Isa asked his mother whether would she like him to reveal who actually stole the property of the farmer? She said, Yes. ‘Isa said, Such and such blind man and lame man have jointly made theft. When the blind man was asked to pick up the lame man he said he was unable to do so. ‘Isa said, “Last night how were you able to lift him up (and carry him away). How is it that you are not able to do so now?” Then both of them confessed and all the other inmates were thereby proved not guilty. Next day it so happened that some more guests came to the farmer’s house. The farmer worried as there was not water enough for them all. Observing this ‘Isa went into the room where empty waterspouts were kept. He scanned his hand over those pots and all were filled up. he (‘Isa) was twelve-years old.

Reference: Hayat Al-Qulub, Vol. 1, Stories of the Prophets