Hazrat Sulaiman (as) and the Ant

Ibn Babawayh according to reliable chain of narrators narrates from Imam as-Sadiq that when an ant conversed with others the wind took their conversation to Sulayman at a time when he was in the air. Sulayman asked the strong wind to stop and called out to the ant. It came to Sulayman. He said, “Don’t you know that I am Prophet of Allah and I do not oppress anybody.” Ant said, “Yes I know.” Sulayman said, “Then why did you scare others from me and ordered then to enter their holes.” Ant said, “I was scared that when their vision falls on you they will become fascinated at the beauty of this world and will be away from Allah.” The ant asked Sulayman, “Who is more honorable, you or your father, Dawud?” Sulayman said, “My father is much more esteemed and honorable than me.” Ant said, “Then why is it so that your name has one more alphabet than your father’s name?” Sulayman said, “I don’t know.” Ant said, “Because your father did Tark al-Awla and due to that he had a injury in his heart and we cured it with the love of Allah and due to this he was called Dawud and as you are protected from this injury you are called Sulayman and the injury of your father was due to perfection and hope you will also attain the perfection.” Then the Ant asked, “Do you know why wind is made obedient to you among other creatures.” Sulayman said, “I do not know.” Ant said, “Because you should know that your kingdom will be destroyed and not rely on it and if Allah the knower of this world had made everything obedient to you then everything of this world would has escaped your prison like a wind escapes from one’s hand.” Sulayman smiled at the ant.
O friends! Pay attention to the Lord’s Grace and Generosity which He bestows to His friends and also understand how generous He is. And also through which source He makes them cautious, and in what manner He advises them. He made ant an advisor to Sulayman despite his great position so that ant of pride do not become obstacle to the honor and majesty of Sulayman. And that he should always consider himself lowly before the Almighty Allah.