Hazrat Zulkifl (as) and Shaitan

Ibn Babawayh has stated that the people asked the Prophet about Dhulkifl and he said, “Dhulkif belonged to Hadarmaut and his first name was Owaidya. His father’s name was Oriyan. Yasa’a once asked, “Who will be successor after me upon certain conditions, and preach the people calmly and never became angry with them?” According to another tradition he used to fast in the daytime and pass the night in prayers, and not to be angry on anyone. Owaidya stood up and said, “I accept your terms. Again Yasa’a repeated twice, Owaidya said, “I will follow your terms.” After that Yasa’a died and Owaidya became the successor and preached the people. One day Iblis asked one of his companion, “Which one of you would go to Owaidya, make him angry and compel him to break his promise?” A companion of Iblis, named Abyaiz said, he was prepared to do this. Iblis ordered him to go and try.
At that time the Dhulkifl was resting after solving the problems of the peoples. The Satan came and said that he has been harassed by someone. The Prophet said to him to go and call the person who has harassed him. He said, “He will not come if I ask him.” The Prophet gave him his ring as a sign and told him to show him and bring him. The Satan took Prophet’s ring and went away. Dhulkifl could not take rest and could not sleep at night. The next day after solving the problems of his people decided to take rest. Again that Satan approached to him and said, “The person, who harassed me had not accepted the ring and refused to come.”
The servant of Dhulkifl told him to wait or go away. Prophet was taking rest as he could not sleep last night and the whole day he was busy. But Satan said he wanted justice that very moment. The servant informed him. The Prophet wrote a letter and gave him and told him to show it to his enemy. The Satan took the letter and moved away. The Prophet could not sleep and passed the night in prayers. It same was repeated the third day. He came and said that his foe had not accepted his letter and denied to come. Then Prophet arose, held his hand and went alone with him. It was very hot and Prophet was walking in the severe heat of the Sun. He felt ashamed seeing the Prophet’s patience. He became disappointed and thought that he can’t control over him. He left his hand and disappeared.
For this reason he is called Dhulkifl because he was firm to his promise. Allah, the Almighty stated about his patience to his last Prophet so that he can also have patience on the troubles give by his community.