I did so in order to not see the shame of request on his face.

 Once, a man came, greeted him and said, “I am one of those who love you and your fathers. I have come from performing hajj, and all my money has run out. I have nothing left to help me get anywhere. If you could, please give me enough to help take me back to my home, and when I arrive there, I will pay back what you give me as charity to the poor on behalf of you.” Imam ar-Redha (a.s) got up and went into a room in his house. After a moment he stuck his hand out (of the room) and said to the man, “Take these two hundred dinars to carry out your affairs and do not repay them as charity on behalf of me!” The man left while being so delighted with the gift of the Imam. Some of the attendants asked Imam ar-Redha (a.s), “Why did you hide yourself from the man and give him the money without looking at him?” Imam ar-Redha (a.s) said, “I did so in order to not see the shame of request on his face. Have you not heard the tradition of the messenger of Allah (a.s), ‘He who hides when doing good, it is as if he offers the hajj seventy times, and he who declares his bad acts will be defeated.’ Have you not heard the lines of the poet:
‘Whenever I come to him requesting something,
I go back to my family without losing my face.’” ( Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 12 p.28.)