Imam Kazim (as) - worship 1

Abd Allah al-Qazwini has narrated: “I (i.e. ‘Abd Allah al-Qazwini) visited al-Fadl b. al-Rabi‘. While he was sitting on the top of his house, he said to me: ‘Come nearer to me.’ I went nearer to him to the extent that I (stood) beside him. Then he said to me: ‘Overlook the house.’”
‘Abd Allah towered over the house, and al-Fadl asked him: 
-What can you see in the house?
-I can see a garment thrown (on the ground)
-Look well!
‘Abd Allah considered, looked carefully, and said:
-A man prostrating himself in prayer.
-Can you recognize him?
-No, I can’t.
-That is your master.
-Which master?
-Are you pretending not to know of ‘Ali?
-I’m not pretending, but I don’t know that I have a master.
-That is Abū al-Hasan, Mūsā b. Ja’far.
‘Abd Allah was one of those who adopted  Imām al-Kāzim’s Imāmate. Then al-Fadl told him about his acts of worship, saying:
“I (i.e. al-Fadl) visit him day and night. I did not find him at any time but in the state about which I am telling you. He prays the dawn prayer, then he says his personal prayers at the end of his prayer for an hour until the sun rose. He remains prostrating himself until the sun comes near to descending (from its midday zenith). He has ordered a retainer to tell him about the sun’s coming near to descending. I do not know when the retainer says: ‘The sun has come near to descending.’
“Suddenly, he stands and begins praying without renewing his ritual ablution, so I come to know that he  does not sleep during his prostration; nor does he slumber. He continues praying until he performs the afternoon prayer. When he has performed the afternoon prayer, he performs one prostration. Then he continues praying and his personal prayer until he performs the evening and night prayers. When he has performed the evening and night prayers, he breaks the fast by eating roasted meat which is brought to him. Then he renews the ritual ablution and prostrates himself in prayer. Then he raises his head and slumbers. Then he stands and renews the ritual ablution and continues praying until day dawns. I do not know when the retainer says: ‘Day has dawned!’ Suddenly, he jumps and performs the dawn prayer. This is his behavior since he has been handed over to me.”
These are the acts of worship of Imām al-Kāzim, the master of the Allah-fearing and Imām of those who turn to Allah in repentance. He showed love for Allah, served and obeyed Him.
When ‘Abd Allah came to know that al-Fadl admired the Imām’s acts of worship, he warned him against carrying out Hārūn’s order regarding killing the Imām, saying: “Fear Allah! Do not bring about an event removing blessing. You know that when someone does evil for someone, his blessing perishes.”
Al-Fadl confirmed ‘Abd Allah’s statement, saying: “They sent for me more than one time and ordered me to kill him, but I did not respond to them. ( Hayāt al-Imām Mūsā Bin Ja'far, vol. 2, p. 468.)

Reference :The life of Imām'Ali Bin Mūsā al-Ridā