Intercession by Muhammad (SAW) and his progeny

The Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny, said: "On the Day of Judgement, when the People of Paradise will have settled in their blissful gardens and the people of hell will be in the fire, there will be one who spent seventy autumns in the fire, each autumn is equal to seventy years; then he will beseech Allah, Most High, imploring: "O my Sustainer, I ask you in the name of Muhammad and the inmates of his house to have mercy on me."
Then Allah, Most Mighty, will command Jibraeel, peace be upon him: "Descend to my servant and release him." Jibraeel would say: "How can I descend into hellfire?" Allah, Most Benevolent, would say: "We have commanded the fire to be cold and safe for you."
He (Jibraeel) would say: "O my Sustainer! How do I know where he is located?" Allah would say: "He is in the pit of Sijjin." Then Jibraeel would descend into the fire, find him shackled onto his face, so he will get him out.
There he (the servant) stands in the presence of Allah, Most High; then Allah addresses him: "O My servant, for how long have you been in fire, entreating Me thus?" He would say: "I have no count." Allah, Most High, would say: "By My Honour, had you not beseeched in the name of those, who have a status in My estimation, you would have stayed there in a prolonged humiliation. But, I have ordained for Myself that no one asks me in the name of Muhammad and the inmates of his household, except that I forgive him all that is between Me and him. So, I have pardoned you today." Then Allah will command for him to be taken to the Paradise.