Interprting the Dreams

Two young slaves of the king were also convicted with Yusuf. One of them was a baker and one a water-carrier. Another tradition says that ‘Aziz appointed two people to guard Yusuf. When the two of them stepped into the prison they asked Yusuf what knowledge he had. He replied that he could interpret dreams. One of them said he had seen himself pressing the grapes for wine. Yusuf told him he would be released and go to become the royal barman and win the king’s favor. The baker said he dreamt of having a bowl of bread on his head and birds were feeding on it. Actually he had not seen any such dream, he was only making it up. Yusuf told him that he would be killed by the king and his corpse shall be hung at the gate where birds would feed on his brain. The man said, “I lied to you. I had no such dream.”
Yusuf said, “Whatever I predicted would surely come to pass.”