Judgement of Hazrat Dawood (as) - 1

It is authentically narrated from Imam al-Baqir that Dawud asked Allah, “Show me an example of the decisions which you are to make on the Day of Judgment.” The Almighty said, I have not shown the thing asked by you to anyone of my creation and it does not befit anyone else to decide like Me. Dawud repeated his request. Archangel Gabriel came down and said, “You have asked a thing which no Messenger had ever asked. Allah has accepted your plea and so He will expose to you the Final judgment in a case which you will face first next morning. Next day when Dawud assembled his court a youth entered quarrelling with an old man, there was a bunch of grapes in the hand of the young man. The old man complained, “My Lord! This man entered my garden without my permission, damaged my grapevines and ate up my fruits.” Dawud questioned that youth who replied that of course he had done so.
Allah sent a revelation to Dawud, “If I decide between them according to the laws of the Hereafter you will not be able to withstand it nor the Israelites will accept it. O Dawud! That garden belongs to the father of this very youth. This old man entered that garden and killed this youth’s father, usurped his wealth amounting to 40000 Dirhams and buried him in a corner of the garden. So give a sword in the hand of the youth and ask him to kill the old man and thus retaliate his father’s murder and also give away the garden to the youth and ask him to dig out his wealth from such and such spot.” Dawud hesitated (was frightened) but carried out the Divine Commandment, and issued orders accordingly.