Judgement of Hazrat Dawood (as) - 2

According to another narration, two persons quarreled in the matter of a cow. Both tried to prove its ownership and both produced witnesses to that effect, Dawud prayed to Allah in his prayer niche: “My Lord! I am helpless in deciding this dispute so You give order.” Allah revealed, “Take away the rope of the cow from the hand holding it, give it to another person and cut off the head of the former. Dawud carried out the Divine commandment. The Israelites raised a hue and cry shouting what kind of a decision was it! Dawud returned to the Mihrab (prayer niche) and complained that The Israelites were not happy with this decision. Allah sent revelation that the man who was holding the cow had killed the father of another person and snatched the cow from him. “So henceforth, whenever you come across such a dispute, do make decision according to the apparent order of the case and do not ask Me for judgment. Leave My decision until the Day of Judgment.”

Reference: Hayat Al-Qulub, Vol. 1, Stories of the Prophets