Judgement of Hazrat Dawood (as)

According to reliable evidences Imam Ja‘far as-Sadiq said that Dawud prayed to Allah that whenever cases come before him Allah may enlighten him (through revelation the fact of the matter according to Divine Knowledge so that he (Dawud) might decide the cases accordingly. The Lord told Dawud that people would not be able to bear it. ‘But, I will fulfill your wish’. Then a man came to Dawud and complained that a certain person had done injustice to him. Allah ordained that the defendants might be asked to kill the plaintiff and also to give the property of the later to the former. Dawud decided accordingly. The Israelites raised a hue and cry saying “You acted with the oppressed in an unjust manner.” So Dawud again prayed to Allah, “My Lord! Relieve me of this embarrassment. There came the Divine Revelation, “O Dawud! You had desired the proper decision from Me which I ordered. The fact was that the complainant himself was the killer of the defendant’s father and he had usurped the property of the latter. So I commanded that the defendant might kill the plaintiff to retaliate the murder and to take back his father’s property. His father lies buried under such and such tree in such and such garden. Go there and call his name. He will reply. Ask him who killed him?” Dawud became very glad on hearing this and told The Israelites that Allah had relieved him from a big calamity. Then he went to the aforesaid tree along with other people and called out the name of the murdered fellow. He (the dead one) replied, “Labbaik!’ (Here I am), O Prophet of Allah!” Dawud asked who killed him and he said such and such person. He also said that he also took away all his property. Learning this, the Israelites became happy. Then Dawud requested Allah to lift from him the real command. Allah revealed to him, “My servants cannot tolerate the consequences of real command in this world. So ask for witness from the complainant, ask the defendant to sear while interrogating and then decide and leave the factual order real command to Me. on the Day of Judgment I will decide on that factual basis.”

Reference: Hayat Al-Qulub, Vol. 1, Stories of the Prophets