It is mentioned by Salman Farsi that ‘Isa never found faults with people, never shouted at anyone, never laughed loudly, never removed anybody away from him, never blocked his nose against a foul smell emanating from anyone’s body, never engaged in any game or play nor engaged in any meaningless work. When the Hawaaris (his close companions) demanded a heavenly tray of food (Maidah) from him he was wearing a thick woolen wear. He wept and prayed whereupon a red trey came down from the heavens which was visible to all over there. It reached them quickly. ‘Isa then arose, made Wudhu’ (ablution) prayed a lengthy prayers and removing the cloth covering the divine tray uttered Bismillahi Khairur Raazeqeen (In the Name of Allah Who is the best Provider of Sustenance).
People saw that the tray contained fried fish without scab (scrub), full of fat. There was salt near its head and vinegar near its tail. Around it were all kinds of vegetables except garlic. Also there were five breads, with olive oil on one, honey on the second, Ghee (refined butter) on the third, cheese on the fourth and kebab (roast) on the fifth. Shamoun asked, “O Roohullah (Spirit of Allah)! Is this a worldly food or a heavenly one?” ‘Isa replied, “Neither. Allah has just created it by His Might. Eat it, as you have demanded it from Allah so that he may help you and shower more blessings on you with His grace.”
The Disciples said, “O Roohullaah! We want to see another miracle.” ‘Isa uttered, “O fish! Be alive with the Command of Allah.” Instantly the fish began to move, developed skin-scab over it and spikes within it. This frightened them. He said, “Why do you ask for a thing, which, if complied with, may disgust you? I worry much about you, lest you be caught in the Divine chastisement.” Then ‘Isa ordered the fish, “O fish! By the Command of Almighty Allah, be as you were earlier.” Then it was a fried fish again. People said, “O Prophet of Allah! You eat first from it and we will follow. He said, I seek Allah’s refuge in the matter of dining it. Since you demanded for it you should eat it. As the people became fearful ‘Isa called the poor, the needy and the ill so that they might eat it and told them, “Eat it as it is healthy for you and a calamity for others.” Thirteen hundred sick and poor penniless people ate to satiation but the fish did not diminish. Then the tray rose up towards the heavens and went out of sight within no time while people watched with wide eyes. Every ill person who ate from it became healthy. The poor who ate it became rich. Those who did not eat repented. Then whenever it came down again both the poor and the rich used to gather round it making it very crowded.
So ‘Isa fixed turns: One day for the needy and the other for the needless. The tray continued to come down for forty days. People used to eat from it from morning until noon. It went up in the afternoon. This happened on alternate days. Allah Almighty revealed to ‘Isa that he might reserve it only for the poor and prevent the rich from eating it. The rich became angry with this. They became doubtful about the Maidah and began to spread doubts about it among others. Allah sent a revelation that He had put a condition for the deniers that if they become infidel after the arrival of Maidah He would give them a severe punishment with which none would have been chastised among the residents of the worlds. ‘Isa said, “O Allah! If You punish them, they are Your slaves (creatures) and if you forgive them you are the Mighty, the Wise.” So Allah metamorphosed three hundred thirteen people from them who were sleeping with their family members during the night but when they arose the next morning they had become pigs. They wandered in the streets and ruins for three days and then died.