Miqdad and Uthman

Habib ibn Ibn Abi Thabit, who said:
When the people entered the house for consultation (al-Shura), al-Miqdad ibn al-Aswad al-Kindi - may Allah bless him with mercy, said: "Allow me in with you for I am sincere and faithful to Allah and I have something good for you." They refused. Then he said: "Allow me to enter my head and listen to me." They refused even that.
Then he said: "If you do not allow me, then (let me advise that) do not swear allegiance to the one who has not witnessed (the battle of) Badr, and who was not present at the allegiance of al-Ridhwan and was routed on the day of Uhud, when the two groups met."
Uthman said: "By Allah, if the authority is given to me, I shall indeed, send you back to your first lord." And when al-Miqdad was dying, he said: "Inform Uthman that I am being returned to my first and the last lord!" When Uthman learnt of his death, he came to his grave and said: "May Allah bless you with mercy, you were (good), in spite of what you were (i.e. my opponent)!"
Then he praised him. (Upon hearing this) al-Zubair said (to Uthman): "I will let you know me (better) after death, when you lament over me, while during my lifetime, you did not allow me my subsintence."
He (i.e. Uthman) said: "O Zubair, you say this? Do you think I like to see such a companion of the Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny, die while he is resentful against me?"