Miracles of Hazrat Isa (as)

It is recorded that, in his childhood, ‘Isa was standing with some boys. One of the boys had killed another boy and threw his dead body at the feet of ‘Isa. Relatives of the dead boy took ‘Isa to the court of the Qadi. The ruler asked ‘Isa about this and ‘Isa replied that he had not killed the boy. The ruler wanted to punish ‘Isa. Thereupon ‘Isa demanded that the dead boy should be brought before him. Then he (‘Isa) prayed to Allah. Consequently the dead boy came alive. Then ‘Isa asked the dead boy as to who had killed him. He replied that such and such person had killed him. Then The Israelites asked him who the man standing before him was. He replied that he was ‘Isa son of Maryam, then he dropped down dead.
It is reported in narrations that Maryam entrusted ‘Isa to a dyer for learning the art of dying. The dyer had a lot of clothes to be dyed. While going out for some other work he explained to ‘Isa that he should die the clothes in particular colors. But ‘Isa put all of them into a single color tub. On inquiry, after the dyer returned, ‘Isa told him that he had put all the clothes in such and such tub. ‘Isa told him not to worry. The dyer shouted angrily, “You have spoiled all the clothes.” He arose and took out the clothes. All of them were colored in different colors as desired by the dyer. The astonished dyer realized that ‘Isa was Allah’s Messenger and so he became a Muslim (faithful).